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Linda and Ella - Week 6

Well we have had a great week, lots of nice sunny days so that makes working horses a lot more fun.

I had been considering letting Ella out with my other 3 horses, then I went down Tuesday morning to find she had let herself out of a ‘horseproof’ gate--- smart little cookie.  UMMMMM so here she is , in a 25 acre paddock, completely away from my horses- so using them to coach her into yards did not look like an option.   I walked down, she headed off, stopped and circled around, and trotted back to me. Took me a little while of to and fro but she never left, I  caught her and she led back to yards like an old horse.

I have had trouble getting a halter to fit her nicely. The search continues.

This week we have achieved a fair bit I think- she is now cool with all her feet and legs being touched, and we have managed to brush about a ton of old hair from her back and neck.  She has the thickest coat, and sweats pretty quickly on the warm days. Looking forward to more winter coat shedding.

We have led out along the creek on fresh grass, no probs. We have also been doing a lot of exposure to new objects, bridge, confined areas etc, and a nice hosing after a training session on a warm day. Another thing we have done is leading by front foot- just giving to pressure, and then taking a step- not a drama.   Ella has a lot less flight or fight so I am very pleased with her progress.

She has a weird obsession with the Chilli Dog (great dane)……. I think Ella thinks Chilli is a foal.

I put my magic measure stick on Lill Miss Ella this week and discovered she is actually 13 ½ hh, not the 14hh I had been hoping. So I am on a diet--- hoping to shed about 25kg weight  and 1 foot of height ;)

Also this week Ella had a drench, no dramas at all, just like an old hand. Also a lice treatment, not totally sure why but my horses are getting some rubbed patches, (new area for me and I am not sure if it is lice ) so trust  they clean up quickly.

Again no awesome pics as I am usually alone and selfies get a bit stale.

One really cool deal was yesterday when I walked thru the paddock, Ella hooked in behind me, followed by  the other 3, one behind the other.

Next week we will be looking to do a bit of a hoof trim, maybe even getting to put a saddle on if all goes well. I am going to be finding a much smaller girth first tho.  But step by step, see how the week pans out. Happy Trails.


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