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Linda and Ella - Week 7

I think Ella has made some awesome progress this week.  Not huge things but lots of little things that made up the big picture.

 I had been having a few little issues, & spinning my wheels a bit, so I ask a friend to come and watch Ella and I, it was a great move as she picked up some things I could be doing better.  We made a few little changes in our interactions and have had a great week. So a big thanks to my generous friend Brittany.

I had hoped to get Ellas feet trimmed this week, that did not happen tho she is getting better with having her feet handled.

She had been very protective of her space, but this week I can now rub her all over, & lean over her.  I have not rugged her but she pretty comfortable with towels, saddle blankets etc on her.

We have a running creek, with some gradual and some steeper banks, Ella is comfortable lunging up and down both and also out into the stream. Another cool deal this week was getting her to lead from the vehicle. So she was ok with the car not running but as soon as Tom started it she gave it her best ears back, nose wrinkled Get Out Of My Way look…..   But then was happy to walk and trot along behind.

Have also done more small space stuff, so hopefully the float loading will be a breeze. Last week walking on the bridge was knee trembling stuff, this week she almost loves so get on there and pose.

So as I said it’s just little things, less nose wrinkling, softer on the line, less reactive to noises, more relaxed.  All part of the big picture.

I am just going to concentrate on getting these little things soft and solid, and see where the week takes us.

Happy Trails Folks

L and E

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