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Linda and Ella - Week 8

Well another great week, no huge things to report but lots of little things.

Ella had been a bit head shy, but we seem to have got that sorted, and she is only too happy for a scratch anywhere at all.

Lots more feet handling this week, and a little front trim.

 We try and set up new challenges/obstacles daily to keep things interesting for her. As my float is still full of packing boxes I just got her walking across the tailboard today, all easy as, so hopefully the real deal will be a breeze.  LOL I led her over to my Honda CRV to get some gear and she made a move to get in!!!!!!

Earlier in the week I put the breaking in tackling on, no problems, no tightness. So next day I saddled her up- again no issues.  Today I saddled her, and we did some practice at standing still for mounting. She is so easy to teach. She quietly stands at the perfect height tree stump for me ;).   I had been in a flap looking for a smaller girth as I was sure my stock saddle would not fit her……..so it turns out this little 13.2hh Brumby is only a couple holes smaller than my almost 15hh QH.  Got a big ticker this little one.

I have been playing around with a bit of clicker training (not too sure what I am doing)…. But it seems to be working with Ella.  Took awhile for her to take treats from my palm without trying to bite me, but can now ever so gently take one grain. LOL and she does not think carrots and sweet potato rate as treats.

Another cool thing this week was Ella coming over to where I was sitting in the yard, and licking my hat. I was excited that she chose to come hang out with me, and that she was licking my hat, as a few days before if my hat brushed/bumped her she would have a shitfit. She then had a roll at my feet.  Like I keep says “It’s the Little Things”.

I have the Equine Dentist booked for early Sept. 

 Hopefully get her ridden tomorrow……. Then all we need is 3 weeks droving ;)

So that’s it for this week folks. Until next week, Happy Trails.  L & E


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