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Linda and Ella - Week 9

Well I’m not going to lie- I am a bit disappointed with where we are at this week.

Not because we haven’t had a great week, or because of any problems, but I had hoped to get some good rides in this week, and haven’t.  Several reasons, one is  I have a personal rule not to ride young horses alone, just for safety sake (and I have not managed to have someone here much of this week, or its been raining and very slippery.

Aside from lack of riding Ella has been great.  We  finally got to  do some float loading (Yep I finally got the packing boxes out of the float). She loaded really well, stood calmly and backed off ok, tho would have preferred to turn around (3 HA) but I figured if she has to go on a straight load in future she will need to back off.Had another session today, and backed softer.

More whip training this week, and not a prob.  In fact it has paid off, I was getting on her bareback yesterday when the neighbour over the hill started firing shots, fortunately Ella did not flinch.

Put a rug on her this week, I had not bothered before as I figured she was used to being a tough bush horse, but I guess she will probably get rugged in her new life after Equitana, so better learn now. I only use good quality shade cloth rugs and I must say I can’t believe the amount of old hair that’s come out in the few days she has been rugged. And I was actually scraping hair out prior to that. Nice shiny new coat showing thru J

She is trotting over poles and small jumps, learning to side pass on the ground, stepping hind leg under nice and getting nice lateral flexion, and has learned to stand quietly beside the getting on stump--- for old ladies and little kids J

She also seems to have fattened up some, all that good lucurne hay.

Well that’s about it for this week folks. Happy Trails . L n E


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