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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 11

So this week was the BEST WEEK EVER! Because we got so much done it was so good and he was so good too. But I have to say this was a lot harder than I thought and we are already more than half way through.

So at the very start of the week the first thing we did was Tanya French came over to help me and see how Taffy and I were doing. So the first thing I needed help with was hind quarter  away and literally she makes everything so easy to do and by the end of that session he was so good at it. THANK YOU TANYA FRENCH YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next thing we did was backing up which would help when  I was leading him. So I got him to do the littlest step back and I would click him, but how I asked him to do it was do little tugs on the lead rope until he stepped back.

After that we did the leading and I figured out how to stop him from pulling or pushing. When he went to push or went to fast I stopped,  backed him up a bit and clicked.  This helped him a lot and he was so good at leading after that.  We let him out into the paddock for a munch and when I went down to get him I whistled and he came to me then I put the halter on and gave him a treat and walked up but after that the other horses started running around and he was SO good.

The very last thing we did was the bare back pad. I got him to stand still and I rubbed it all over him and then when he stood still I got to put the bare back pad on fully, then I got the girth and  rubbed it under his belly and treated him when he was standing still then I did it up for the first time and he was THE BEST PONY EVER and then I gave him a treat!!!!!!

Week 12 goal:

Start getting different things and desensitize him to them!!!!!!! !                    

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