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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 12

So this week was really good we did two major thing.  Those two things are his first horses trim and his first time going out. 

Taffy's first trim!

Taffy was sooooo good. The first thing we did was I picked his front feet up and then picked them out then I rasped them a little but it was really hard. Then Tanya picked his feet up and clipped them and he was so good but he was also eating a bucket of Lucerne.

Thank you Tanya for helping me rasp Taffy's feet. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Going for a trip!

On Thursday me Taffy and mum went to Tanya's place. It was Taffy's first time going out and he went out all by himself. Loading him on the float was pretty easy and the trip to Tanya's was so good we hardly heard anything in the float. When we got there he was sweating a bit and he came off pretty calmly not saying he wasn't stressed,  but it really helped him that there was a lot of horses around and Tanya brought out one of her mini horses, Ebony,  and they got on well together. Then Tanya brought out her brumby that she has for the brumby challenge VBA Cherry and I got to feed her some food. Then we loaded Taffy back on the float and went home. It was such a good trip because Taffy got to meet so many different animals like the Guinea  fowl and chickens and mules.   Thank you Tanya and Ebony for all the support and making Taffy's first trip so good.     

  Week 13 goal:

To get Taffy to stand around still and not start pushing into me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       

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