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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 13

This week we did a lot  so I got my ride on mower out and got Taffy to walk up to it and sniff and walk around it. Then I turned it on and walked Taffy around it and then sat on it and pressed the brake and the brake squawked and gave him a scare but then I brought him back up to it and by the end of the session he was trotting behind me on the ride on. And that helped him trotting by my side not on the ride on.

The other thing was we went for Taffy's second adventure to the Wesburn park were the pony club grounds are and Tanya brought Jindi and Tug along so Taffy wasn't by himself and Michelle came as well so she could get some photos. We went to the arena first and I trotted Taffy around and Tanya did some really cool tricks with Jindi and Mum was hanging out with Tug. Then we went down to the cross country course and did some jumps and went up and down this big step thing (which tired him out a lot) Then I took him through a really BIG puddle and he was really good with that I also got to take Jindi through the puddle. Then this big Warm blood came flying down towards us (he was probably spooked) so I took Taffy behind a big jump Taffy was amazing he didn't move a muscle and then the horse came to a stop right near me and Taffy and Taffy just stood there. Then we went back up and had some food, loaded Taffy back on the float and went home. THANK YOU TANYA AND MICHELLE KNOLL PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 14s goal:

to get him yielding and stepping sideways.