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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 14

Wow!  we have only 50 more days to go until EQUITANA,  it's gone so fast.

This week we didn't do much but we did a couple of things like head down and stay.

 With head down I put some pressure on the halter pulling down and then when he put his head down the slightest bit I clicked and fed him, then when he was good at that I would make a cue and do the cue and then put some pressure on the halter and then click and feed when he puts his head down.

With the stay I made a cue which was two hands up and I said STAY quite loud. Then because he didn't know this I just stood still and clicked and fed then when I did that a couple of times I did a little step to one side of him then click and feed if he stood still I did that a couple of times and then did two steps then three and so on until I could go right around him. I got to go around him once and then when I tried to go around the second time he just walked over to my mum.  Later that day I got mum to do some work with Taffy so he could get used to other people working with him and he was so good.  While mum was working with Taffy I got to do some things with my little brumby Trooper and he was awesome.

My week  15 goal:

To start to go through the stuff in the challenge and practices.