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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 15

This week has been mostly about figuring out what to do for our freestyle.

The first thing we did was the umbrella, I started by getting him to touch it when it was closed then I got him to stand still when I was opening it and he got really good around it. then I put it up high and clicked when he stood still and after that I put it over his head. he got so good with that by the end i could put the umbrella over his head and go slowly down his back.

later in the week mum and I floated Taffy to Tanya French's property by himself, when we got there the Neighbors had the mower out and running while I was unloading him off the float. despite the noise he was unfazed and got off calmly eager to meet the other horses. We walked around the property for a bit and then we went to the back were cherry (Tanya's challenge brumby) was standing in her yard. Tanya went and caught Cherry and then we went into the yard, and showed Taffy a whole lot of new obstacles (pool noodles, bridge and seesaw).

Week 16 goal:

Is to improve Taffy's standing still by targeting a mat on the ground and to practice picking up and cleaning his back feet.