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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 16 there is only 4 WEEKS LEFT!!!!

This week Taffy and I have had some difficult times.  I took him out for a graze on the grass and when we were walking back it was ok but when I went to open the gate he did a little rear and then turned around and did a little pig root and went and kept eating grass.

One thing we did this week was Tanya French came over to our place to trim the horses feet. Then when Tanya was done we got Taffy out. I picked his feet up and picked them out and then Tanya picked them up and clipped and rasped them. Then Tanya went to do the back ones and he was awesome he even let Tanya rasp his back feet which made a funny sound. And by the end of the session we got all his feet picked and clipped out.

Later the next  week we went to Wesbern pony club and meet Tanya there with Coby and Tug. But we didn't only take Taffy,  we took Trooper as well and we didn't put them in bays, we just floated them together and they were awesome in the float we barely heard them the whole trip. When we got there we unloaded them and put them in their pens and sorted them out. Then when Tanya got there we helped unload The horses and brushed them so they were clean. Then we took them to the arena and did some practice with them. I did some trotting with Trooper first and then I did some with Taffy but Taffy was getting way to excited so Tanya told me to get him targeting my hand so he is focusing on my hand and not on going fast and all that.

Week 17 goal:

to go back to the basics and practice his walking and trotting by my side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Thank you Tanya at Ground up Hoof Care for your sponsorship and taking such good care of Taffy's feet and being so kind and patient with him, this will set him up to be a happy easy horse to do work on his feet which is very important.

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