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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 17 only 3 WEEKS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week as you probably know the brumby festival was on and guess what!  we went.

Taffy was so good when you think about it. So we got packed and loaded Taffy and Trooper on the float on Saturday because we wanted to be there a day early so it would be like a mini EQUTANA.  When we got there we unpacked the stuff we needed and then we got the 2 brumbies settled into their chosen pens.  Then we did some stuff and took the brumbies out for a munch on the grass and Taffy and Trooper weren't the only ones there Colleen,  Bridie and Julia were there with their 4 brumbies (Cleo, Pixy, Zephyr and Buddy) and a lot of others.  When we got up the next morning I took Taffy out for a eat and there were a lot of floats arriving which he was really good with.  The first class Taffy and I did was led under 2 years,  he was good but right in the middle of the class he got upset  and I had to swap and take one of the other brumbies but we still got 3rd place. Then I took Trooper through 2 other classes and I got 2nd in one of them but while I was doing the classes Taffy was following Trooper and he was very happy doing that. Then at the end of the day we loaded the 2 little ones and went back to home sweet home.

For the rest of the week Tanya came over to help me out and give some advice. THANK YOU TANYA FRENCH :) :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we just hanged out in the pen for a bit.

This week's photo is called can you spot Taffy!  He is very settled and happily eating in his yard where he stayed overnight just like a big horse.  He was also very happy with all the other Brumbies around him.

Week 18 Goal:

To get Taffy leading good and relaxed beside me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        

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