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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 18 OMG there's only 2! weeks to go.

This week we have been really focusing on walking calmly beside People.

 We started by just walking around the driveway with this piece of rag on the end that he would follow while we walked and then we would stop and he would touch the piece of flag and then we would click and feed him.  we did this for a bit and he was so good at it that we decided to use it at EQUTANA. So we wanted to make it pretty and easy to see for Taffy so we got and yellow water floating donut and cut a piece out of it and then glued it on to the stick that we were using.

  Then later in the week we took Taffy and Trooper down into a paddock instead of in a yard and I did a bit of just putting the hula-hoop over his head and then I threw it and he went and stood his front hooves in it. Then I started with the stick that we glued the piece of water floating donut on. We did a bit of that and then he did this weird little rear and ran off,  we thought it was fly's biting him but then we realized that he was soooooooooooo scared of the flag.  So we went back to the pen and we just rubbed the flag all over him and clicked and fed when he stood still.

Week 19 goal:

To get the walking good and to start on some tricks and trotting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

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