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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 19

This week we did two  things, we took Taffy for his very first walk down the road and we took Taffy into the hay shed for stable practice .

So the first thing we did was took Taffy for his first walk down the road and I will be happy to say that I can even out the good with the bad stuff.  The first thing is he was FANTASTIC with the cars and I mean FANTASTIC.  The first car that went past was quite slow and he just kept eating the grass,  then there was a couple of other cars and he didn't do anything but eat of course!  Then the next thing was he wasn't pulling for the grass or we didn't have to pull very hard when he was eating the grass. Just a quick tug on the rope and he was walking beside us.  But there was something that set him off and that was when these  4 horses came galloping to the fence  and I have to say all of the horses that we had out (Levi, Spirit and Taffy) went a bit hancy-dancy and started to run around and wanted to go and say hello to the other horses.  Then when we past them we went back the same way and they were pretty good the second time round,  then we just kept going home and we were there pretty quick.

That day we also did some stable practice and OMG he was sooooooo  good at that, he didn't even think twice about going into the hay shed. Then because he was doing so good we decided to take him a further into the hay shed so we took him into the really dark corner of the hay shed  where the Lucern is.  He just stood there and ate the hay.  So then we took him out and put him back in his pen and then gave him hay and his hard feed (which he eats now).

Week 20 goal:

I hope that in week 20 that I can get Taffy to walk nicely beside me without pushing me around.

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