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Matilda de Haan & VBA Taffy

Week two

This week we got off to a brilliant start by getting Taffy’s halter on and done up for the first time. At first he wasn’t too sure about having it on but he got used to it pretty quick and forgot he was even wearing it. We then began to practice leading and yielding to the pressure by clicking and feeding every time he did what we asked. Which he picked up very quickly.

Now that I can lead him we practiced some manners around the food bag, by standing on the other side of the fence and clicking when he turned his head away from the bag. I found it really amazing how fast he understood what I was asking, it only took a few clicks before he was understanding what I was asking him to do.

Later in the week we took him out with another one of our horses (Alice) for his first adventure, and he was magnificent. He enjoyed the fresh grass and was very sad to go back into the yard, he stood at the gate expecting it to open again.

On the second last day of the week Taffy finally ate his hard feed. With a bit of oaten chaff and speedy beet. I’m really looking forwards to the herbs coming in this week, thanks to McDowells Herbal at http://www.mcdowallsherbal.com/

And I would like to thank de Haan Laser (https://www.facebook.com/deHaanLaser/) for buying Taffy a new halter, lead and grooming kit. All in royal blue because that’s his colour now.

Yesterday I started desensitising him to the feeling of the brush on his neck and belly, then I started rubbing my hand down his legs to get him used to me picking them up. He started to rest his feet on the ground every time I rubbed my hands down his leg which was exactly what I wanted. Then I put his halter on and led him up to a tarp and every step he took towards the tarp I clicked him and fed him.


I am going to focus on picking his feet up to get ready for his first trim by Tanya French at ground up hoof care (https://www.facebook.com/grounduphoof/). Tanya does such an amazing job keeping our horses feet in tip top condition and we always get comments on how good they look!