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Matilda & VBA Taffy, Week 20

Wow what a journey it has been! Taffy and I have both learnt a lot of things in the time we have been given and I'm not about to list them all or you'll be here all day. It has been such a honor to have this chance to help the brumbies and to build my knowledge on training horses.  I can't believe that this is my last report and I can't say I'm happy that it is I have been really enjoying sitting down and writing my weekly report and getting to see that beautiful brumby every day for the last 150 days and getting to train him.  At times it's been challenging but I'm still determined to finish what I started and I think Taffy is too. I am soooooooooooo  happy to say that we are keeping him for mum so he won't be up for sale.

Firstly I want to thank my sponsors and the brumby challenge sponsors which are:

de Haan Laser- for buying the things that Taffy and I need and putting all your effort into making the signs! THANK YOU DE HAAN LASER!

Ground up hoof care- for all the trimming you have done to keep Taffy's feet looking and feeling good! THANK YOU GROUND UP HOOF CARE!

Michelle Knoll photographer- for all the time, work and effort  that you have put in and the beautiful photo's! THANK YOU MICHELLE!

Whoa Steady Neddy-for all the work into making the hay nets and then giving them to us! THANK YOU WHOA STEADY NEDDY!

McDowells Herbal treatment- for all the effort that you have put in to sending the herbs and of course the herbs! THANK YOU MCDOWELLS HERBAL TREATMENT!

Paddock Blade- for your support and generous donations, they look amazing

High Country Horses- for your support

Gayle Newcombe- for your support and beautiful drawing

EQUINTNA MELBORNE- for supplying the place and the room for the final show! THANK YOU EQUINTNA!

Dolly's Dream- for believing in us! THANK YOU DOLLY'S DREAM!

And now I want to thank the people that have helped me through this tuff 150 days which are:

Tanya French- for all the work, effort and help you have given me and all the driving you have done to come and help me! THANK YOU TANYA SO SO MUCH!

Colleen O'Brien and the members at the VBA- For all the help and the messages and the effort! THANK YOU VBA

And especially My family which is Mum, Dad, my Brother, my Sister and all of my loving animals- for all the help and support they have given me and the help! THANK YOU FAMILY!

Now this week we have been focusing on walking and I can safely say that he is a lot better than he was (with mum).  We have been going on walks down our road every day but mum has been leading him because he has been pushing me around and I get really nervous when he does that.  He is just being a baby horse and I understand what he is going through. We also have been practising leading taffy while I am on Alice and that has been a hit for sure.                                                                    

What I hope for EQUITANA: I hope that I at least get him there and he copes well with the environment!