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Matilda de Haan & VBA Taffy

Week 3

Well it's all come really quick week 3 already!

This week I focused on feet and leading and we got to the point where I would rub my hand down his feet and say foot and eventually  he would pick it up. And for leading I had trouble with him because he started pushing into me and knocking me of the path but after that I tried a couple of things and I figured it out. I started keeping his head looking forwards so he wouldn't knock me off the path. now I can lead him around with a long lead and he won't even think about pushing on me. We have also been taking him out for some grass with some of the other horses.  We now have him in with the other horses all together and he is easy to catch.  On Tuesday Michelle knoll from Michelle Knoll Photography  came over to take photos of Taffy and Taffy was a gem and Michelle took some really good photos.  If you would like to see them go to  Michelle's face book page, you will see some beautiful photos.                       

 Next week's goal:

I am going to start picking up and holding his legs up for a while and worm him.

I would like to thank Tanya at Ground up Hoof care for her continued advice and support. 

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