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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 4

Taffy has had an exciting week because of the wild weather and the experience of the chain saw.  Taffy is quite a confident little guy who seems to handle new things very good with some encouragement and treats.

This week I was back at school so I didn't have as much time as I did on the holiday. Well I didn't focus on my goal for this week (picking up front feet), we have been trying to get Taffy to eat his food ( which he hasn't been interested in yet ) because the herbs from McDowell's Herbal Treatments came this week! So we tried to get him to eat an apple which he hasn't figured out how good the taste is. The main reason we wanted to get him to like the taste or at least give the apple a try was because we want him to eat the herbs because they are very good for him and we thought the taste of the apple might convince him to eat his feed. But we didn't get far with that option so we put more chaff in the mix but that didn't work and then we figured out the clue, put some Lucerne hay in and guess what HE ATE IT! ! ! Surprise surprise. Thank you so much McDowells Herbal treatments it was very exciting to get Taffy's herbs and when he realizes how good they make him feel he will thank you too!

On Sunday Tanya French came over and helped me with the stuff that I didn't know how to do or what I was doing wrong. And that was a big help a big big big help because now everything I didn't know how to handle then he is pretty good with now. On Monday and Thursday I was focusing on rubbing the stick down his back legs and clicking and treating when he doesn't move, this will help with picking up his feet later on.  

My goal for week 5:

To pick his front feet up and to rub down his back feet :) The biggest thing I want Taffy to achieve is to get him used to other people around him.

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