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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 5

Well this week I didn't get much stuff done with Taffy but in the short sessions we did do he was awesome!  In the time that we have had him he has changed so much from being scared and worried to being a curious and mischievous little guy.

This week we have focused on rubbing down his feet with my hands and picking up his front feet and even a little bit of other people working with him.  At the middle of this week I got my Dad to come in to the pen and wait for Taffy to walk up and then Dad gave him some food.  I normally do 3 x 10min sessions and focused on 1 thing and I have been focusing on feet.  He has kicked out once but after a while he got the hang of it and he is really good at it now.  I also started rubbing down his belly because he has this gunk all on it and we want to get it away.  He doesn't really like it because he keeps kicking out but we are doing it with the stick first.  I started picking up his front feet and he is getting there but there's still some things we need to work on.  Oh and he is happily eating his food every night.  On Wednesday I went down to find Taffy because the other horses were up and he wasn't anywhere to be seen, so I went down and he was half way up the lane way and when he saw me he stared at me for a while and came galloping up and then stopped when he reached me.  I started running up but as soon as I started running Taffy ran after me and then I stopped he stopped right next to me when he reached me and he kept doing that until we got to the top  yard.   

week 6 goal:

To finish his front feet and start on his back feet and the float!!!  Also people and getting him used to them.

Note from Mum:  Taffy is getting plenty of time in the paddock with our other horses just learning all there is to know about being a horse.  The photo this week was taken on a beautiful sunny morning with a new round bale and best friends :)

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