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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 6

Well this week we were focusing on picking up front feet and rubbing down back feet. We didn't really focus on that because we went off track a bit But we got some of the major things done which was good. One of the major things were float so you would think that he would be a bit scared of it and he was at first but in 5 minutes he was fully on and happily eating the Lucerne that we put on the float.  We did that a couple of times and then I put him back with the other 5 horses.  The other major thing  that we did was THE TARP (THE HORRIFYING TARP) he was a bit shocked by it at the start and it sure did test his limits but we put some Lucerne in the middle and it didn't take him long until he was stamping to the middle for the Lucerne. Then we started rubbing it on his back and face and neck and he didn't like it at the start and I went a bit fast for him but then I went back to his neck and getting him to stand still and he was pretty good at that.  At the very start of this week we were finishing his front feet and he has definitely  mastered it and we even started with the hoof pick and he was SO! good at that but we found out that he had thrush so we are going to put some apple cider vinegar on it but it just shows how important feet picking up is.

To fully shut the float and to start picking his back feet  up and last but not least get the tarp(THE HORRIFYING TARP) on his back!                       

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