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Matilda & VBA Taffy

Week 7


Well this week  we didn't do much and that was my fault because I was focusing on some stuff at school.

Well this week I was very lucky to have Tanya French come over to trim the other horses but she managed to fit in the time to help me with the thing that I was finding difficult or the things that I was doing wrong . One thing that I was finding difficult was him pushing into me for food and not backing up when I asked him to. Tanya said to not step back and to stand your ground so you don't let him think that he is the BOSS(leader) , also another thing that we did was to start picking his back feet up and I was really nervous about going down that far around his back feet but with the help of Tanya and Taffy being a really good horse we picked them up on both sides and he was so good.  If Tanya wasn't helping me when I needed it I don't think I would be this far by now    THANK YOU TANYA:D.

Later in the week we were doing brushing all over, he was pretty good with that because  we could go down his back and front legs  and on his butt ,neck and back but as soon as we go under his belly at the back end he does this little one leg kick so we just went back to where he felt safer and worked our way back down to his belly at the back end  and if he didn't kick out we would give him some Lucerne .

Week 8 goal:

Brushing under his belly and shutting the float up with him inside it.