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Week 11

Day 71

My hand is recovering slowly, but we found out it’s not broken! Good news. So Coolabah has had a nice break away from thinking too much… other than thinking about eating, sleeping, running, bucking and farting around the paddock with his paddock buddy Prince.

Today I brought him back in from his little spell and went through everything we have done from the very basics, to where we got up to just before his spell. This was everything from picking up feet to saddling. I checked all his controls and transitions to make sure everything was exactly how I’d left it. The only thing that hadn’t stuck as well as id hoped, was the canter transition. It wasn’t as smooth from trot to canter as I’d like, so we worked on that for a little bit until it smoothed out. I then got on Coolabah for his 4th ride. He felt a little lazy at the start and didn’t want to move any more than a lazy walk. So I upped my energy and encouraged him forward with more leg (I don’t kick, I squeeze, until I get the desired speed and then I release). He felt a little uncomfortable and scooted forward a couple of times, before moving into the fast walk I was asking for, then a trot. Coolabah and I have had these little discussions throughout his training. I ask for something…he thinks he has a better idea…we go back and forwards for a couple of seconds…then he listens and does what I was asking in the first place. I carried on until I got a consistent trot and then ended the session.

Thought of the day: 1st rides are easy, it’s the later rides where horses try to test what they can and can’t do that can be a challenge. Everything you do or don’t do while on their back is teaching the horse something.

Day 72, 73, 74

I decided I’d like to get the trot to canter transition smoother again and hold the canter for longer. So for the next few days I just worked on that. Short sessions, but once Coolabah ‘gets’ something he doesn’t forget it. After the first session of transition training, the rest was mostly just fitness training in holding his canter. Boring for you guys reading, but very beneficial for Coolabah.

Day 75

Today was another new experience for Coolabah, his first proper hoof trim. I’ve been picking his feet up, tapping and picking out his feet for quite a while in preparation for his first trim. I had Ryan Cox come out to trim all the horses here. Coolabah coped with it all like a pro, it also helped that Ryan was a very calm and collected guy and very good at what he does.

Thought of the day: Great job Ryan. Note to those reading: if you’re in my area and your horse needs a trim, don’t hesitate to give Ryan Cox a call.

Day 76

Turns out Coolabah has a bit of a fan club. We were recently asked to take part in an article write up about Coolabah’s Australian Brumby Challenge journey so far. So today, he got a good groom and starred in a photo shoot just on our property. Stay tuned for more info. 

Day 77

After a busy week Coolabah had today off while I organise yet more hay! On the plus side, we are due some rain next week so hopefully this drought will break and we can get back to normal here at Mick Masons Horses.

Thanks again for reading, look forward to Coolabahs first visit to the dentist!


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