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Week 16

Coolabah had a nice week off just enjoying his endless hay supply, and grass down at the creek. I brought him in on day 107 (I missed this off from week 15) for a brush and a good feed as he was set for a big adventure! After a good feed we loaded him up along with 2 other horses and dropped him off at Baringa farm stay ready for day 108.

Day 108

We saddled up in the morning ready for our big trip out on the Corn Trail- a historic track used by Aboriginal people on their seasonal travels between the coast and the tablelands, then later by European settlers on pack horses carrying supplies. This historic trail takes you downhill from high mountain ridges to deep rainforest-filled valleys. Coolabah was bright eyed, bushy tailed, and looked eager to get going. We saddled all the horses up and packed them with lunch and supplies. Our trip was a total of about 20kms or so, of some pretty rough terrain. With Coolabah having the week off it was a great time to see how good our foundations were. I hopped straight on and off we went. He was walking out beautifully and lead the trail from start to finish. The other horses were Mica (young but well-educated horse ridden by Kristen) Beau (a green horse we have had in work for a while ridden by Bec) and Jemma (An older and very well-educated horse of Donna’s, ridden by Donna). As we headed down the Corn Trail we came across bridges which Coolabah needed to look at a bit and test them for structural integrity before crossing. Then he was happy to go over anything and everything. We crossed a couple of creeks which he obviously had no trouble with being a brumby (and possibly a duck in a former life as he loves water). As we got to the last couple of kilometres of the track there was a huge tree crossing our path. There was no way around, so we had to go over. Coolabah didn’t hesitate to pop himself over the log and carry on, only to turn back and see the other horses refuse the jump completely. After a bit of work, we got the other horses over the log and I headed back to get back on Coolabah, who was just casually standing there chewing on a branch waiting for me. Looking back at the log and then looking at Coolabah it did blow me away a bit how he didn’t even look twice at the huge object in front of him and made it look effortless! We reached the end of the trail with cars and floats were waiting for us. We gave the horses a quick wash, apart from Coolabah as there wasn’t a drop of sweat on him, and then headed home to give them all a big feed.

Thought of the day: I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news everyone……but Coolabah is staying at Mick Masons Horses and will not be auctioned at EQUITANA. He has been a challenging horse to train, but it’s worth it! I know with Coolabah I have a horse that works with me, not for me, which is very important to me.

Day 109, 110

These were both rest days for Coolabah and all the horses, as that was the biggest ride any of them have done since winter.

Days 111, 112, 113,114

I am happy to say that we have finally been hit with some decent rain! So today we had a few easy sessions getting Coolabah used to pool noodles, umbrellas and dragging strange objects around. As spring is warming up he is continuing to lose that thick brumby coat, so grooming is a big part of our sessions these days. We need him looking 100% for EQUITANA, which is only a few weeks away!

We have another exciting weekend ahead and look forward to writing about it in week 17 update. Make sure you check out the Facebook page, Mick Masons Horses for some fun pictures and videos.

Thanks again for reading and see you next week.


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