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Week 18

Day 123

Today I loaded Coolabah up into the float and took him back to the local showgrounds. We did some flatwork and practice for my freestyle for the last day of EQUITANA…I still don’t have any set plans for our freestyle, but I will keep working on Coolabahs strengths and weaknesses and see where we get to in the next 2 weeks. Not too much to say about today as it was just a lot of repetition and control work. He’s getting better every day and I look forward to seeing where he gets to by the 14th of November. We did mix it up a little today, and Coolabah showed he had some talent for jumping whilst going around the cross-country course. I walked him around at first so he could have a look at the different jumps, and then we went round at a trot and canter. The only difficult part was getting swooped by magpies the whole way around the course, which bothered me more than Coolabah.

Thought of the day: Coolabah still has a long way to go to get to where I would like him to be, but at the end of the 150 days he will be where he will be… and he has definitely tried very hard to get there!

Day 124,125,126

These were all days off for Coolabah as we are very busy getting everything prepped before we make the long trip down to Melbourne.

Day 127

I finished off building the jumps I had been working on while Coolabah had a few days off, so I saddled him up and walked him over a few then progressed to trot and then canter. He was very willing and jumped over everything. I spent the rest of the session working on coming up to the jump nice and straight and not rushing.

Thought of the day: Great job Coolabah.


I spent some time over these two days going back to some basics as Coolabah had become a bit sticky when I asked for side pass. So I went back to some very basic movements to figure out the problem.

Thought of the day: Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards.

We are getting very close to EQUITANA now and I am starting to get a bit excited. I can’t wait to see everyone there and have a chat about this special little brumby.


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