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Wow time is really flying now! Just a little under 2 weeks until EQUITANA!

Day 130

I spent today’s session working on all the little things… like back up, side pass, opening gates, dragging objects around, and stop to canter transitions. All these little things are getting better every time we do them. He was a bit sticky on one side doing the side pass, and this has improved heaps. When he was struggling with it, he was trying to push through my aids, and he just needed a little more time to understand how to ‘redirect’ that energy into the easy movement I was asking for. Like I have mentioned in previous updates, Coolabah is a horse that has his own ideas about things and needs to be worked with, not fought with. That was it for today’s session, I really don’t want to overdo things at this stage being so close to EQUITANA.

Thought of the day: It’s crazy to think it’s only a couple of weeks until the big show and I have to remember not to ask too much of him. If I do push too hard, Coolabah always has a way of letting me know.

Day 131

I loaded Coolabah up and went 20 mins up the road to Bec and Guy Laurie’s place, from Team Laurie Equine, to use their nice big arena and work on Coolabahs flat work. After the initial excitement of being in a new place he got into work mode pretty quick. Bec Laurie joined me in the arena with one of their young horses to do some work. These guys start and train their own horses, as well as horses for other people (mainly for reining). They are very good at what they do, and to see one of their horses in work was a pleasure to watch. I worked with Coolabah in a canter and all I was asking was to hold the canter at a steady pace for longer and longer periods, focusing on speed and direction. We did start on lead changes, they were very messy, but he got the gist after a while. He had lots of energy, so we worked for about 1 ½ to 2 hours with lots of little breaks in-between.

Thought of the day: Coolabah is coming along nicely and happy to work which is very important

Day 132, 133, 134

These three days Coolabah had another rider just to mix things up a bit. Kristen rode him to give me her opinion on how he felt. We ride slightly different, so after finding common ground Kristen made him look great. She put him through his paces and carried on where I left off with some fine tuning. I finished off both rides by hopping on and taking him out for a short trail ride around the property.

Thought of the day: It’s great to watch a horse you have started from the ground with another rider on their back, it gives me a great sense of achievement with every horse that gets started here. Best thing is, I don’t have to give this horse back to someone else when he’s finished!


Nice and easy walk around the property today, we have just had paddocks sprayed so it’s a good way to check his big spelling paddock will be ready when he gets back from Equitana.

Thought of the day: After Equitana I plan to give Coolabah a few weeks off to relax with the herd.

Day 136

If you have been following Coolabahs journey you will know today is usually a day off and today was no exception. The wind was strong enough to blow me off the horse today, so Coolabah hung out with Beau, his most recent paddock buddy.

Thanks again for reading everyone! Not long to go now!


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