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VBA coolabah

VBA Coolabah is an approximately 14.2hh silver bay gelding – another colour that isn’t common in domestic horses and traces back to our Kosciuszko Brumbies Suffolk Punch heritage! Coolabah was four years old and the lead stallion of a big bachelor group of stallions including several you will see in the Australian Brumby Challenge: VBA Ariat, VBA Nugget, VBA Levi, VBA Wrangler, VBA Brolga and VBA Aussie!

VBA Coolabah's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Michael Mason.

Michael Mason

From Braidwood, New South Wales: Professional Trainer

Mick works from his property in Braidwood NSW, training and starting a wide range of horses. Mick has been working and riding in the Australian High Country for several years.

His passion for wild horses was ignited when he undertook the Australian Brumby Challenge in 2016, after observing Brumbies in the wild for some time. Mick has the ability to read all horses well and help them channel their talents and work to their best ability.

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Join Michael and VBA Coolabah on their journey !

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