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Michael and Honey - Week 11

Due to a huge week here at Mona Farm Honey had an unscheduled week off. We have been working day and night to get all the renovations done, and now that it is I get to have some time off spend with Honey. So after Tuesday I have 2 – 3 weeks off!

Not a great update this week, but get ready for some interesting reading in week 12, 13 and 14. You may have noticed we haven’t done any ridden cantering yet… this will all come into play in the next week or so. I didn’t feel the need to run before I could walk, and spending the time to get in tune with Honey means I can get her to work from the correct lead quicker and easier… watch this space! I will be working on lots of other things such as backing up, side pass and obstacles as long as Honey is coping with all the work. I am also hoping to take her out in the truck or a float to introduce her to some new sights and smells.

Thanks for following Honey and myself. Yet again if anyone has any questions or would like to come and visit Honey, please get in touch through my Facebook page


See you next week!

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