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Michael and Honey - Week 17

Week 17

Day 106 – Day 112

A very boring update this week, Honey had the full week from Monday to Sunday off! With nothing else to do apart from lay in the sun and eat grass. I wanted Honey to freshen up for the coming month in preparation for EQUITANA. We are planning a bit of a road trip to a few different places so I will keep you all posted via my Facebook page.

As my weekly updates have been full of info I thought I would leave you this poem that popped up a few days ago.

Do You See ME?
By Lynette Sutton
Do your eyes see the battle scars that lay inside my past?
Do you recall the men and boys who battled to the last?
Do you see me in harness– ploughing, harrowing a track?
Do you see little children, laughing, riding on my back

Do you see golden wheat fields that my great strength helped to grow country schoolrooms full of kids we carried to and fro?
Do you see precious letters delivered from near and far?
We brought those too in wind and rain beneath our southern stars.

They set us free as gratitude for deeds so bold and true
We were the beast who carried you through history and new
We served you well and now you’re done, you say we have to go.
So what fate now awaits us? Do you really want to know?

To spend our final days in fields close by you would be great
a place to run or graze alongside our old lifelong mate.
Not chased by choppers with a rifleman sitting above.
Is this what we are destined for? An ending without love. 

The saleyard has so many horses lined up in a row
and few will see the end of day or get a chance to grow.
The world now lacks compassion – to the slaughterhouse we’re sent
yet we are the beast of burden whose broad willing backs bent.

We helped to make your country; we helped to make your home
and worked for very little. Is this how you atone?

Do you see through my eyes?

The Australian Brumby is an amazing creature and has incredible potential. I try and do as much as I can to support them and hope everyone else can too.

Thanks again for Reading and see you next week!

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