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Michael and Honey - Week 20

Day 127: Honey got a day off in the paddock today, to keep on resting and keep on growing.

Day 128:Honey and I did a lot of arena work last week, so I took Honey around the property for some nice easy walking and trotting. I try to keep Honey busy while out on a trail, things like walking in-between and around trees and over a few natural obstacles. This keeps her mind with me, as sometimes she just wants to go her own way, and rather than get in too many disagreements with her I can keep things fun! Apart from opening and shutting some gates (on Honeys back…), that was all for today.

Thought of the day: “Honey can be strong in wide open spaces sometimes, I’ll put that down to still being wild at heart and like everything else…will get better with time.”

Day 129: Back into the arena for Honey for a bit more circle work. The session was very short because Honey just didn’t seem comfortable, so and I took her back to the stable to check her over. I didn’t find anything wrong with Honey on our ‘pre-flight’ check but could feel something was up so I had another check. Everything seemed as normal until I go to her shoulder where there was some raised lumps, which were irritating her. It was right where the breast plate sits and on closer inspection she had more lumps in various places. I assumed they were insect bites, sprayed them with repellent and put her back in the paddock as riding was only going to make her uncomfortable.

Thought of the day: “I could really do without any hold ups with EQUITANA just around the corner, but there isn’t much I can do. If the horse isn’t ok to ride…it’s not ok to ride”

Day 130: I checked Honey after work and the lumps hadn’t changed and were still irritating her. There were no new lumps, so I sprayed some more repellent around her and left her to get better.

Thought of the day: “Come on Honey, we’ve still have lots of work to do!”

Day 131: Again, after work I checked Honey and the lumps on her shoulder had turned into one big lump. It was very hot and was obviously causing her discomfort, so I rang Greg the vet and he gave me some instruction with what to do. Honey stayed in the stable for the night so I could keep a closer eye on her.

Thought of the day: “Still not exactly sure what’s biting Honey!”

Day 132: Ahhhh finally, lumps have gone down and Honey is ok to ride! I spent the session trying to figure out what I am going to do for my freestyle. I had some help from Eva who is 7 years old and lives on the farm. She let me know exactly what was boring/interesting/funny etc. Yet again I can’t say too much as I don’t want to spoil it, all I can say is Honey and I are keeping it very simple as she is still learning and will need continued education after EQUITANA.

Thought of the day: “In the time Honey has been with me, from a wild horse to where she is now, she has come a long way and has potential to go far in whatever discipline her new owner chooses”

Day 133: Today was going to be a day off but I had the opportunity to take Honey for an outing, so we got up at 5.30 am to get ready to go to Canberra dressage day. After loading the tack and feed into the truck and moving a few horses around I decided to load Honey onto the truck. As usual Honey hopped straight up into the truck and walked to the bay and stood for her pat. As I clipped her to the tie up in the truck and moved her hind around a step, the clip that holds the gate open dropped off and hit Honey on the rump…Honey freaked out! She panicked and swung her bum around and pulled back, this put me in a sticky spot as I was between Honey and the chest compartments. As Honey was already freaked out I reached out and patted her on the rump to reassure her everything was ok and there’s no need to panic. While all this was happening the other gate clip came off and the gate swung around and hit me straight in the face. Honey calmed and moved her hind back around and I shut the gate. Ahhh glad that is over but it is something I didn’t need as I am sure the next time she comes in the truck she will be hesitant and unsure. After standing and making the truck a nice place to be again for Honey, I packed the rest of the truck up and went and licked my wounds before we set off to Canberra. We picked up Nicola and her horse Brother on the way and met up with Bec, James and Phil from Talisman Sport horses at the showgrounds. I have never been to a dressage competition before, so yet again another new experience for both Myself and Honey. I put Honey in a yard and went to watch all the others compete at various levels. (The purpose of the trip was just for the experience and not competing)About half way through the day I saddled Honey up and went with James and his horse ‘beeeeetty’ to the cross country coarse.While James schooled his horse I just walked Honey around and introduced her to a new big open space. Honey, yet again was a bit strong to start with, but settled down after some walking out, circles and standing still. Kristen had a ride around on Honey and had her very relaxed, so I asked her to keep riding her and head into the arena so I could watch how Honey looked from the ground. Honey copes well with new environments and situations and handled being in the big arena fine. As it is getting closer to the end of the competition I sometimes over think things with Honeys training, and it leads me to ask for some things that she just isn’t ready for. Kristen is a great leveller for me and lets me know when I should take my own advice and SLOW down a bit. It took longer to load Honey into the truck, she wanted to walk back out when we got to the point where I would normally clip her up and shut the gate. So with a bit of backwards and forwards and reassurance Honey went on. I will work on this a lot before EQUITANA to make the truck/float the happy place it was before this mornings incident.

Thought of the day: “Time to ice my black eye!”  


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