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Michael and Honey - Week 7

Unfortunately, this week things were a bit all over the place and Honey only got 1 day of work! She still had plenty of attention, but day 43, 44, 45 were all days off. So sorry, this week’s write up is going to be a short one.

Day 46: I didn’t work Honey again today because of everything going on at Mona Farm. It did get towards the end of the day and Greg Gilbert the vet popped out to give Honey a full check-up. The conclusion of the check-up was… Honey is in fine form.

Thought of the day: “next week will be a lot calmer here, so plenty of time to work with Honey”

Day 47: Finally, I got a chance to do some work with Honey so I started where we left off. She is happy enough to stand tied up and be brushed and saddled, so I went straight ahead and saddled her up and then did my pre-flight checks. At this stage of her training I want to keep making sure she is nice and soft when flexing left and right before I get on. I got on and rode her around the round yard on both reins, working on refining her stop and go. After about 15-20 mins in the round yard Honey felt like she was really ready for a change of scenery. Kristen was in the arena riding Sav, so we joined them and went for a ride in the arena for the first time. I could feel Honeys energy pick up as we were heading to the arena. This was the first time where I felt she really wanted to go. I need her be relaxed so she can focus on me, so I walked her off and when I had any feeling that she wanted to go quick, I turned her in the other direction. It only took a few turns until she was quite happy to walk around the arena exactly where I wanted her and at the pace I wanted. I am still focussing on getting her used to my seat controls. The stop using my seat is not as good as the turning yet, but it’s improving. I kept walking around the arena until she was responding to about 70% to my seat and leg, and 30% to the reins. I’m concentrating on using the reins for the position of Honey’s head, I would like her to be working as ‘level headed’ as possible- referring to both her head position (level with the shoulders), and[MM1]  her mentality (calm and focused). This is all we did in the arena. Then, I went and tried a few rugs on her at the stables but couldn’t find anything that fit her. Now I can start the search for a 5’3” rug...

Thought of the day: “Honey still gets a bit nervous with multiple humans, maybe I’ll walk her through town next week so she can get used to more multiple humans…”

Day 48 AND 49: Yes, you guessed it, Honey also had these days off! We had a photo shoot for Mona Farms website and it was all hands on deck all weekend.

I apologise for the short update. Lots of things to do with honey next week and 100 days of training left!

Thanks again for reading.


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