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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 10

Spring is in the air, the sky is blue, the grass is lush and green...this must be Australia! VBA Alpine Daisy is a little ripper, only 13 hands high, but very strong and willing. She has very good feet so it is an easy decision to keep her barefoot. Her colour is magical and now that she is moulting her dark bay is all but gone. It is so cute that her head remains a chocolate bay; the rest of her body is like a ‘kinder surprise’. Every day I take the rug off I find a different colour!

Rupert Laycock Photography has done such amazing work telling the story of Daisy and Sansa’s progress in pictures. Rupert also did the photos for our first book, The System. With Rupert’s high level of professionalism and Lara’s high expectations of herself, the energy to achieve and succeed on our ranch is amazing.

Being very careful to not get ahead of Alpine Daisy’s mental and physical capability, I am very aware of training her in small doses, especially when I frazzle her brain with new tricks or when we go out on a trail ride for too long.

Back in July, I did notice that Daisy was particularly terrified when she was hiding in the yards of the Australian Brumby Challenge. In fact, I remember looking at the wild horses and thinking, “As long as I don’t get that one, I’ll be fine.” Now I really like her shy little characteristics and it has been a privilege to watch her slowly gain confidence.

Our goals are progressing well; we even took a selfie-video of our first trail ride and posted it to: For the first few rides we always trail ride behind a lead horse for safety reasons and education. Why make it hard for yourself or the horse; instead, make it as simple and as easy as possible. It is always better to ask for a little and succeed by 1% than ask for too much and fail.

With the grass growing and the L.G.I cubes as her daily feed (treat!), little Miss Daisy is looking exceptional. If she was interested in people as much as she was interested in food she would be running for President of the United Nations!

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