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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 11

VBA Alpine Daisy is a star, performing her little tricks at our Tubbarubba Arabians open day demonstration. She trotted around proudly, jumped a few cavaletti and stood on a small podium. For her finale she went on the float. It is hard to believe this was the wild, anxious mare from the Kosciuszko Mountains.

VBA Sansa topped the show with an amazing bowing trick and a very impressive canter around the arena.

This week I took Daisy for another relaxing trail ride. She is too small for me and my long legs but I think it is important that she does ride out as part of her preparation as a complete riding horse.

At the EQUITANA auction it will be exciting to meet Daisy’s new owner.

This wild little brumby has brought out the best in my ability with our fantastic training system: The System. Largely thanks to Daisy and Sansa, we have been inspired to write our second book on horse training.

Today for example, Daisy refused to go through a narrow gate, avoiding by running off sideways. In the olden days I would have blocked her with my leg and rein and applied immediate pressure to hold her on course. The old method is a shortcut to a short term gain and next time the horse will avoid quicker and earlier. Instead, with the three principles of The System in mind, this is what I did: Allowed Daisy to make the mistake then moved her feet by applying pressure/release until she was back in front of the gate. The next time when I asked for forward she went straight through.

Daisy would also like to highly recommend the KER LGI cubes. Every morning she loves her daily scoop, and in the afternoon she cleans up after the Victorian Top Team is done (Anglos and Arabian Endurance horses). With the spring grass coming through Daisy might need to go on a diet soon.

This week we tackled some of the obstacles that we may encounter at the EQUITANA challenge:

Cross poles
Dragging objects
Crossing a bridge
Squeezing through a narrow gate

Next week we shall focus more on education for the patterns class:


After that I am excited to begin working on our freestyle act. That will be the most fun for me and Daisy.


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