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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 12

This week has been a great week of education and creativity. We are working on some ridden skills, but only in small sessions. For example, to educate the backing up I pick up the reins and make light contact, then raise my energy through my seat and as soon as Daisy takes a single step backwards I release the contact and drop my energy. Always ask for the action and release the pressure as soon as the horse responds correctly. That timing will ensure the horse truly understands what is being asked. Next time you may ask for two steps backwards. The time after that you may ask for three steps, but don’t get greedy and ask for too many.

‘Patience is a virtue.’

I made a training mistake this week, training Daisy to follow my body language and walk behind me. Then, when I had an idea for my freestyle event for EQUITANA, I ‘parked’ Daisy on a marker and she continued to follow me around when I wanted her to stay. She was only doing what I had previously trained her to do, but now I was confusing her by asking her to stay.

Lara Beth had an out-of-the-box idea based on our training system, which made sense once I tried it, and Daisy stayed happily on her marker by the end of the session. Lara and I also took VBA Sansa and VBA Daisy for a trail ride one warm sunny afternoon. It is hard to believe the difference from week 1.

The most fun and success we have had so far is preparing for the freestyle event, choosing the music, and designing the routine. Daisy is very different from any horse I have ever ridden because of her stature: she is only 13.1. For that reason alone I will design an act that is safe, enjoyable and shows her amazing ability.

I am very impressed at how well these Brumbies respond to the training. Whoever wins VBA Alpine Daisy at the EQUITANA auction will own a very beautiful horse full of potential and willing to please in any discipline.


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