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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 13

VBA Alpine Daisy made a few mistakes this week, but so did I. Every time a horse makes a mistake it is usually because the rider made a small error in judgement just prior to the ‘mistake’. As we practise and refine our groundwork and riding I have been asking a lot more from little Daisy. So it is very important that I do not confuse or overload her.

Many of our training sessions barely last 10 minutes. This may seem contradictory to common beliefs or even lacking in effort but it is quite the opposite. A short session that succeeds immediately is best rewarded by...stopping immediately. That is how horses learn: through the immediate release of pressure. This is the discipline and understanding that is required to achieve a highly educated horse.

We have made huge progress as well. A few weeks ago I was happy to just work on the basics and those basics still form a large part of our daily practice. It is generally best to repeat basic exercises the horse will find simple and successful before introducing new and complex moves. Investing your time and effort into a solid foundation will pay large dividends in the long term.

Now that catching, saddling up and riding are a ‘normal’ part of her day, we can introduce more complex moves in small doses. (Sidestep, jumping, turn on the hinds, dragging objects, waving flags)

We went to the beach with Lara Beth and VBA Sansa. It was by far the most fun we have enjoyed in our Brumby journey. Daisy did not hesitate at all and barged straight into the water splashing and frolicking, it was wonderful to see her having such fun. 

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