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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 14

Wow! VBA Alpine Daisy. What a great little champion.

This week while training and having fun with Lara Beth and VBA Sansa, Lara jokingly challenged me to take Daisy’s bridle off and ride her with just my seat and legs. Without hesitation, still seated in the saddle, I reached forward and removed her bit and bridle. Daisy went around the arena calmly like a circus horse doing her thing. Daisy gets three gold stars for that!

Our training is going well, but I must admit that the technical work is a bit behind schedule. We have been having too much fun with tricks, obstacles and trail rides.

Our beach riding is the most fun I can ever imagine with a horse. Riding in the open space, the blue sky and the endless ocean is a dream. Daisy is small but still packs a punch. I am so impressed that she can carry me with such gusto.

School holidays mean that I have family commitments so Daisy will now have a week off as I will holiday interstate and leave Daisy in the very capable care of Lara Beth. When I return from the trip we will perform at the Brumby open day clinic at Tubbarubba Arabians on the 2nd October.

My goals for the following week are to make sure that I focus on the technical groundwork and translate that skill to the saddle. In The System all the basics and even the most advanced ridden techniques are educated from the ground first. This is the centuries old approach of the world famous Spanish riding school of Vienna. I have always been interested in the history of horse management and I also own a team of Anglo and Arabian Endurance horses, so I am passionate about my quest for safe and effective methods. Feeding plans (thank you KER and Ridleys) horse training systems (thank you Lara Beth, author of The System) and farm management (thank you Hastings Produce) are all a part of my day.

Horses are not just a hobby; they are a way of life.

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