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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 15

VBA Alpine Daisy has lived for 8 years in the mountains, wild and free. 15 weeks ago she arrived here nervous and confused. We have worked steadily towards Daisy becoming a happy riding horse, trusting in people and confident in herself.

This week she enjoyed a well deserved rest.

As we go into our next level of training I have mapped out the requirements for the EQUITANA Australian Brumby Challenge, but also for the long term career and purpose for Alpine Daisy. We have a lot of work ahead of us in our countdown to the performance of her life! However, it would be wrong of me to push her too hard to achieve disciplined results just to win more points. Our solution is to do small lessons based on effective learning, rewarding 1% progress, often by ending the session. This is a governing mind-set of our system (The System) and is the intangible timing that is the difference between the horse ‘doing’ and the horse actually ‘understanding’.

The Victorian Brumby Association has done a marvellous job arranging for so much time for trainers to build the Brumbies physically, mentally, and technically.

It also means that even though we won’t be judged on trail riding, it is most likely Daisy’s long term career with her new owner after the auction at EQUITANA. Since I love trail riding in the bush and at the beach, it’s a winning combination for everyone.

“If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”


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