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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 16

VBA Alpine Daisy is progressing yet again. Our Australian Brumby Challenge open day was a huge success; Daisy performed better than expected as did Sansa, trained by Lara Beth. The audience was very gracious with our attempts and very enthusiastic with our success. At the very end, Daisy is asked to stand on a podium but she dismounted of her own accord to inspect a bucket. The audience watched with interest to see my reaction, as I applied principle 3 of our training system and backed Daisy to her starting position. I then asked her to go back onto the podium. This is how we train horses in The System; allowing horses to make mistakes so that they always feel comfortable to attempt to find the correct solution.

We have had very little time to enjoy trail riding, although we still need to make time to relax and not always go round in circles.

We have rehearsed our round yard test which involves releasing your Brumby into a round yard and catching it again. With some horses this is very easy and with some horses this is harder than it sounds, never mind a wild Brumby.

The obstacle class is an unknown, although jumping cross rails, float loading and sidestepping poles should be fine. It is exciting and concerning to wonder how difficult the obstacle class will be.

The ridden patterns and the freestyle are our main focus in the coming weeks. Choosing music, structuring the freestyle act and choosing a costume are on next week’s list.

In some areas Daisy is better than I anticipated. In other areas I have a lot of work to do for our EQUITANA performance.


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