Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 18

I am very excited about Daisy’s progress this week. It has been a slow and steady progression for this little 13.1 wild horse to learn to carry my tall frame. All of Daisy’s sessions have been short, aiming for small improvements.

‘Quality over quantity.’

We are also in a situation where horses can become sour, especially leading up to EQUITANA when riders want to really increase their training to push their performance. In my experience the lead up to a competition or performance actually requires less intense sessions. The solution is to do multiple sessions, but physically less demanding so the horse has to think, but not work hard.

 The result is a better behaved horse, still enthusiastic to work.

In fact, Daisy is so enthusiastic about her L.G.I cubes, courtesy of KER (supplied by Hasting Produce), she is behaving like a spoiled little pony.

Horses that are spoiled over food often become ‘problem’ horses that also bite, kick, buck when ridden, and bolt home at every corner. When training any horse, regardless of its history (Brumby, racehorse, pony), I must be consistent about everything. 

In our book The SYSTEM (written with Lara Beth, now available on Amazon, Apple, Google Play) we explain the importance of being a good leader all the time; while leading, feeding, or loading on a trailer.

Since we wrote the book on horse behaviour and education it appears that I better make sure this cute little Brumby has good table manners!

On the technical side, Lara Beth has been helping me enormously in Daisy’s education; it is priceless to have someone as good as her to watch me ride and improve my skills.

‘Don’t wish for an easier horse, wish for more skills.’ 

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