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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 20

The lucky person who wins VBA Alpine Daisy at the EQUITANA Brumby auction will be very happy with this amazing horse. She is a lovely natured Brumby who responds very well to every lesson and thrives on success.

My checklist for this week was to walk and trot quietly, side step along poles; then canter both leads, and rehearse our ‘stand on the podium’ trick. She completed the entire list on Monday in a single session without putting a foot wrong.

On Tuesday she repeated her amazing performance, this time even softer and cleaner than the day before. My thoughts are that if this is how good she is in only four months; imagine how incredible she can be in another year.

My commitment to making Daisy a solid riding horse has always been to ensure she enjoyed trail riding and plenty of time around the stables just being part of her normal daily life. Expert Brumby handler and President of the VBA, Colleen O’Brien reminded me that while horse tricks are fun, VBA Alpine Daisy will most likely go on to be a riding horse and not necessarily a trick horse. This was a timely reminder to focus on Daisy’s future as well as the upcoming EQUITANA performance.

With our vision and Daisy’s future firmly in mind, we have spent the week riding loose and relaxed, but also with an emphasis on good technique.

Keep in mind that I always keep my riding time very short on Daisy as she is only 13.1 hands, and I am over 6 foot tall. This will ensure that she stays sound and healthy for the duration of our training and builds her body for a long and wonderful riding career.

There are many excellent training methods out there in the big wide world. I highly recommend that the new owner of Daisy picks at least one good systematic method. Horse training is easy when you know what you are doing, but you still encounter endless challenges, even from the best horses! Owning a horse can be difficult if you are using bits of random knowledge, trying to paste it all together and find yourself ‘reacting’ to these unexpected challenges.

Lara Beth and I developed The System because we wanted the most effective structured procedure to train a horse that was also the safest approach we could find anywhere in the world. VBA Alpine Daisy has been trained entirely using this system and she has come a long way in a short time.

I am more than happy to show anyone the principles of The System, especially the new owner of Daisy, since we believe the responsibility is entirely with the rider.

‘Good leadership means that I take full responsibility for me and for the horse’s education.’


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