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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 21

VBA Alpine Daisy was a wild mountain Brumby less than five months ago. Her future was uncertain. Miraculously for Daisy she was selected by the Victorian Brumby Association to be saved and brought back to the VBA sanctuary.

It has been my role to bring her gently into this highly modern world, with all the noises and distraction, the demands and necessities, the expectations and pressure. All this in such a short time, yet she has adapted extremely well. Daisy will make a fine horse for anyone in any discipline. She is strong, intelligent, quiet and sensible. She has responded to our training system as well if not better than any other horse.

Two weeks out from EQUITANA Daisy is surprisingly capable. This is especially noticeable when we practise our freestyle. We have a lot of fun and even though she is only 13 hands she rides like a champion.

Now for a little checklist:

Can I catch her easily? Yes

Does she lead and tie up? Yes

Does she like brushing? Yes

Can I pick up her feet? Yes

Does she go on a float? Yes

Does she love her L.G.I cubes? Yes

Does she eat, drink well? Yes

Does she have good ground manners? Yes

Does she like her molasses? Yes

Is she easy to saddle and bridle? Yes

Does she trail ride? Yes

Does she walk out quietly? Yes

Does she trot and canter? Yes

Does she know how to move off the leg? Yes

Can she jump? Yes

Is she a pleasure to ride? Yes

Is she amazing? Yes!

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