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Nigel and Daisy -  Week 4

The wild Brumbies are so interesting to work with. Lara and I are more accustomed to Arabians, Anglos and Thoroughbreds on a daily basis. It seems as though Daisy and Sansa have taken over our lives.

My checklist is going well: Face up, follow me around, pat and rub with my Nungar knots rope halter, halter on and educate the basic cues, lead out and over obstacles, soften the cues, accept saddle and bridle, lead out with my reliable Arabian gelding Tubbarubba Khan. So far, so good.

Although Daisy seems accepting of me and our work together, every morning she still does a somersault when I walk around the corner towards her yard. After all, she has lived her whole life in the wild and she has only known me for 4 weeks.

As tempting as it may be to ride Daisy, my checklist is still not complete. I am aiming for softer yet more responsive engagement to my cues on the ground; shoulders, hind quarters, transitions...etc. We have 4 months ahead of us, so I might use this time to introduce some of my ideas for our Equitana performance and see what Daisy thinks.

Before riding our young horses we like to lead them out on trails and over obstacles with an experienced horse to give them confidence. They relax and will easily cross bridges and creeks that could be otherwise very challenging on their own.

In The System (written and developed with Lara Beth Poynton), all the effort you invest in the beginning pays huge dividends in the end. In the words of Nuno Oliviera, “The secret in riding is to only do a few things, but to do them well.”

In The System the soft cues, the liberty work and the concept of leadership all create a safe environment that leads to high levels of performance in all aspects of horse management.

Daisy has really taken to the LGI cubes. In fact, she loves them. Ken from KER has been very supportive of my Endurance team (www.facebook.com/TubbarubbaArabians and www.victoriantopteam.com.au) and the Australian Brumby Challenge. The support and encouragement from everyone has been great. I look forward to sharing more updates on Daisy’s slow and steady progress.

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