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Nigel and Daisy -  Week 5

VBA Alpine Daisy is wild at heart, and even though she is doing what I ask, she is far from domesticated. Everyone has commented how much she seems to trust me, but she is still terrified of every new person she meets. Vehicles really confuse her, often freezing her in her tracks.

Our major success has been Daisy wearing full saddle and bridle, mounting and dismounting, bending through the reins, engaging and disengaging the hindquarters by opening and closing the reins.

The reason it works so well under saddle is because last week Daisy learned the exact same procedure on the ground. Lara (Lara Beth Poynton from Peninsula Equine Development) and I use this ‘Pyramid procedure’ with all our horses. You can see my first ride on www.facebook.com/TubbarubbaArabians.

As mentioned in previous posts, our next book about starting wild horses will explain the techniques, the 3 essential principles, and the importance of consistent leadership.

I am extremely lucky that Lara and Sansa are training here alongside me. We often discuss our progress together...and our mistakes.

I want to congratulate the other trainers who are enjoying huge success with their Brumbies. Some of their updates and photos are very impressive. Since I have always said that a horse’s behaviour is a reflection of the owner’s ability, these trainers deserve full credit for their success.

I am pleased to say that Daisy is eating well (KER L.G.I cubes) kindly supplied by Rob and Darren from Hastings Produce. They are great supporters of VBA Sansa and VBA Alpine Daisy.

Daisy and I are on schedule. Since I am so big and she is so small it is very important that I build her up slowly. Groundwork and short 10 minutes rides are the plan for the next few weeks.

Any temptation to rush her training must be tempered with patience and wisdom. In the words of Antoine de Pluvinel; ‘In training horses, one trains himself.’

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