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Nigel and Daisy -  Week 6

This past week was fantastic, with Daisy really learning to bend softly in single rein work, listening to my seat and changing direction smoothly. I love that she is trying so hard, but I feel that she is still hiding some Kosciuszko mountain range wilderness inside.

We have had some heavy rain and unpleasantly cold weather this week, so Daisy has been wearing a rug and spending most of her time under cover. I thought the rug might be an issue, but actually she is perfectly accepting and seems very comfortable with her new rug.

Since she is not completely relaxed about life in the big city just yet, we’ll give her a bit longer to understand that people are going to treat her well. Occasionally I will take her for a grass pick, or leave her to watch the farrier at work. It must be strange for a wild horse to be confronted with such a dramatic lifestyle change. She is absolutely besotted with her L.G.I cubes every morning; so there is one change she seems very happy about. 

Lara Beth Poynton and I are both using the same system to train our Brumbies, and we are both happy with our progress so far. I really appreciate Lara’s help and support. We both really want to share our hard earned knowledge, namely the 3 principles that lay the foundation of our system:

1. Moving the feet

2. Pressure/release

3. Allowing mistakes

Every session this week started with a set program of one rein work on the ground, moving Daisy’s feet, applying pressure/release to educate and soften the cues, and always allow Daisy to make mistakes without reprimanding her. If she does misinterpret a cue, I repeat the activity with absolute clarity and more (or less) pressure, depending on her response. After 10 minutes of groundwork we have a little ride around the arena and end the session on a positive. I am enjoying seeing her come out of her shell and look forward to continuing her slow and steady progress.

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