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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 7

I am pleased to say that Daisy has been progressing in leaps and bounds. Her aversion to new people and vehicles is subsiding, and the tension in her neck is softening. We still have the occasional somersault, but she is very nimble and always lands on all four feet.

We have accomplished a lot this past week, so a few days rest will soon do her a world of good. My favourite part of the training has been introducing some tricks and comedy into our daily sessions. We have also started float training, which went well if you consider 1% progress acceptable. Did she go all the way in? No. Will she go all the way in soon? Yes.

Lara Beth Poynton and I had a wonderful day last Sunday with so many people coming to watch and sharing our journey with these wild horses. We presented our Brumbies and demonstrated the principles and techniques from The System. Alpine Daisy did exceptionally well coping with so much activity. I am so proud of her.

Educating a horse is a process that requires knowledge, skill and judgement. Thank you everyone for all your comments, feedback and assistance over the years. My own journey continues as I write my next book and continue to work with this amazing wild Brumby Alpine Daisy. This experience is helping to increase my knowledge, build my skills, and refine my judgement.

I am really enjoying this opportunity to train a wild horse, and I am really excited to share our progress with everyone. 

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