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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 8

I wish I could say that VBA Alpine Daisy is a regular domesticated horse by now, but unfortunately that is not yet the case. She is very loyal and obedient, and she really looks for the correct answer all the time. In the morning she even comes up to me, and she is fine to halter, but this week she had a fright and pulled back from the tie-up rail, breaking a few ropes and buckles. It was only because someone reached out to pat her but she didn’t understand. She is still unsure about what is happening around her; and when horses don’t understand something they often react with fear. 

Nevertheless, Alpine Daisy has shown so much intelligence learning the lessons and so much adaptability acclimatising to her new lifestyle, I am very impressed with this wild mare.

Our riding plan is to progress her ground skills to ridden work. We have bend and forward going well on the ground and under saddle. My raised energy is my cue to respond, both on the ground and in the saddle. This week we are introducing the outside leg to motivate the horse to respond to my seat cue. I have followed our procedure to the smallest detail and so far I am very happy with Daisy’s progress.

In my mind even the smallest progress is a success. It is important to keep the sessions short and sweet; just like Alpine Daisy!

Our system continues to evolve with these wild Brumbies, and Lara Beth Poynton and I discuss the details every day. Whether we agree or disagree, we continue to ask “Why?” until we find the solution.


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