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Nigel and Alpine Daisy -  Week 9

Another fantastic week with all the ups and downs that come with a life dedicated to horses. We have been very busy at Tubbarubba Arabians, training our Arabian and Anglo horses and competing this week at the Ararat Endurance ride. Lara Beth is our team captain, so VBA Alpine Daisy and VBA Sansa stayed at home and had a few days off. Our Endurance weekend was a huge success and we returned to the farm in good spirits and happy to see our Brumbies again.

Until now I have mainly focused on groundwork and only some small rides so recently we have begun to add some obstacles and fun tricks to our daily sessions. Daisy is surprisingly capable and although she is still a very green horse, she is accepting, intelligent, and a quick learner. I always introduce every obstacle (poles, barrels, whip cracking) on the ground first and then once she is totally comfortable with the new item we progress to the saddle.

Watching Lara with Sansa is an inspiration, since Lara has the rare ability to set extraordinary goals and then work patiently and calmly to achieve them, no matter how long it takes. Lara and I are already writing our second book of The System, detailing our mindset, our principles and our techniques for training wild horses.

VBA Alpine Daisy is changing colour in a most unusual way. Bettina, Alpine Daisy’s sponsor, told me Daisy would change colour and that I would be surprised. Daisy was a dark chocolate bay two months ago. Now she is morphing into a rare roan spotty grey! It is quite unbelievable.

The plan for next week is to introduce some small jumps on the ground and under saddle, to ride out a few times and do some trails, and to map out our ideas for the 4 minute freestyle event at Equitana. Best not to leave it to the last minute, since this is an opportunity to present VBA Alpine Daisy at her best and for me to show my creativity and passion for training horses in a fun way.

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