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Pauly Daniel

Ridden Section: Professional Trainer

Pauly’s connection and affinity with horses is life-long. Born and raised on a family cattle station in the Flinders Ranges, he started his journey with horses as a child, inheriting his father’s love and respect for the animals. Over the last 13 years he has spent time working as a ringer, drover and horse breaker. He’s done it all – from bronc and bull riding, catching wild cattle to starting wild brumbies through to working as part of the cattle crew in the movie ‘Australia’. He and his fiancé now run a horse breaking and training business in the Adelaide hills, South Australia.

Pauly has combined his foundation knowledge with his own experiences, and those of the accomplished horse trainers he has met on his travels. His dedication to self-improvement through learning is proof of his unwavering commitment to true horsemanship. Pauly believes that a good trainer produces a good horse, and therefore the education of the handler or rider is paramount. He handles horses with patience, compassion, empathy and intuition and imparts these skills on his clients as well as their equine partners. Combined with his knowledge and experience, he has a highly tuned sense of ‘feel’. It is this intuition that enables Pauly to produce calm and balanced horses, without the use of force or presence of fear.

Pauly aims to make horses and humans lives better by enlightening the human through the horse. He is honored by the fact that a wild animal allows him to work with them and spends his life working to be worthy of that honour. No longer driven by competition, his passion lies in starting and training horses to give them the best start they can have for the world. Pauly is looking forwards to being involved with and competing against like minded horse people in the Australian Brumby Challenge.

You can follow Pauly via - 
Facebook - "Daniel-Tessari Horse Reflections"
Instagram - "dthr_official"

VBA Magnus

VBA Magnus is a six year old, brown gelding who was caught with his bachelor mob from the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW in winter, 2015. Magnus was gelded shortly after his arrival at our Brumby Junction sanctuary and turned out while he got used to being a gelding on a farm. Magnus’s trainer in the Australian Brumby Challenge is Pauly Daniel.