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Pauly and  Magnus - Week 1

This week Magnus went from a Brumby to a Spur84 horse in work and training. I've outlined a day to day progress his week to explain in detail what the little champion achieved.

Following his arrival to SA Sunday evening I gave him Monday off any training to allow him to settle in his new surroundings and always kept one of my broke horses with or next to him. "Peer pressure" is a great way to train a horse and surrounding them with the right energy in horses and people is a must to have them in a positive state of mind.

Tuesday: I Liberty worked him in the round yard to teach him how to move out and around me, rise and lower his life with mine, disengage his hinds and turn into me and away from me when I ask before I threw the catch rope on him. I then roped him and got him again rising and lowering his life and turning into me off the softest feel possible, starting to associate rope pressure with liberty cues. I first touched him with the flag and then my hands. I got to rubbing him enough to then put a halter on. He then just got a little bit of ground work in the halter and then he was spelled on that massive win.

Wednesday: I casually roped him with a horse catch while he was happily facing me, then haltered him, rubbed him all over and left him at that.

Thursday morning:
I ground worked him, got him desensitised enough to saddle him, then pulled the saddle off and got on him bareback while just standing still.

Thursday night: Saddled Magnus, ground worked him, ponied him around the arena and then got on for a first ride/walk around the round yard with one rein in a halter.

Friday: I rode Magnus around the arena with two reins working on left and right turning, engaging and disengaging the hinds, laterally moving the fronts and hinds simultaneously and transitioning between walk, trot and stops.

Saturday: At this stage Magnus would have most benefited from a ride down the road to just travel and be left alone to move, but we hosted a two day horsemanship clinic, so he had another short ride in the arena in a group and went really well. He then spent a couple hours in the round yard inside the arena to check out a mob of horses and riders working around him.

Sunday morning: I ground worked Magnus in the group and spent a lot of quality time with him doing nothing while I was teaching.

Sunday afternoon: We had cattle in the arena so "Mighty Magnus" was the fearless leader showing people how to quietly work cattle on a green horse and how giving them a job can massively advance them and boost their confidence.

I'm going to give him tomorrow off to freshen up in the mind and body. Then at this stage I think he will need liberty work to get him "catching" me more and then a nice walk, trot and canter down the road by ourselves to really sweeten the deal after being "on his case" a little with too much arena work.

He's a cuddly fella who's very locked onto me, especially in a group, so he got handed around a little for others to love on him and get him trusting more.

Love the "Mighty Magnus".

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