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Pauly and Magnus - Week 13

Magnus had a very quiet week this week. We are hosting a 2 day horsemanship clinic this following week and are heading to a rodeo in a couple weeks time. So Magnus has a lot of exposure to the big world coming right up!

I rode Magnus only twice this week, once shifting some cattle around and another on a quiet trail ride out with Lauren.

Out on our ride I found one of our feed buckets way down the road from our place (there has been some wild weather here of late). So quiet Magnus had the feed bucket tied to the back of the saddle to carry it home. We had a lovely slow controlled leg yield with soft flexion whilst he walked down the road looking at the bucket out the side for a little while. After about 40m he decided he couldn't eat out of out, and he definitely didn't need to run from it, so we straightened out and kept going like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

No natural obstacles anywhere bother Magnus at all, and he's settling to cars on the roads without too much bother... I often joke to Lauren that we're Horsemanship brand 20 star, level 35 as he walks through puddles and over logs, whilst swinging a catch rope catching white poles. This sensible behaviour is a trait of most brumbies/bush horses. Outside an arena is their natural habitat and they should be happiest out in the paddock and the trail with their herd leader (me). These horses are what humans would call worldly, it's just the human presence they have to get used to. With love and time, that is easy too.

I will be prioritising Magnus's work this week as we're on top of a few other things in the business now.

He's fresh, fit and ready to learn!

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