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Pauly and Magnus - Week 19

A goal for Magnus was well and truly achieved this week. Lauren competed him in his first dressage Comp!

Lauren and I had agreed before we even picked Magnus up that if he was going to be ready and ok, she would show him out at an event. We entered him in the Treasure Trove Fundraiser, raising money for the South Australian Dressage Squad, in two preparatory tests.

The week leading up to the event I prepared him with a few rides and did some very "YAWN" training (teaching him to stand on a platform). He took to the platform and obstacles with ease, I just find it so mind numbing for the horse as its time spent I could be on their back out doing much more stimulating and practical things. I often state to people that I train performance horses, not circus horses.

I had to ride him in a dressage saddle to make sure he was ok with it. Sometimes a new saddle can be like a first saddling for a horse, but Magnus didn't blink an eye at the change of feel on his back.

Saturday night a friend came over, and after Lauren practiced her tests on Magnus for the first time, she plaited his mane into a beautiful Spanish Braid, Thanks Steph!

Sunday we rolled into the dressage comp with gusty horrible wind blowing and showers coming through intermittently. I said to Lauren that Brumbies don't like this weather, she should scratch! (Joking). I admitted to Lauren after the comp that I actually had some pre competition nerves before she got on. I wouldn't been bothered at all if I was riding, but Magnus is a reflection of my training if it didn't go well, and I was worried for my wife riding a young horse at a comp for the first time. I completely left Magnus to Lauren to handle and work, and he was completely locked onto her instead of me for a change. He knew who his leader for the day was and was 100 per cent with her. With big white plastic letter stands blowing over everywhere, rain coming in and his tail blowing between his legs, Magnus warmed up very forwards, but Lauren said he was feeling great to ride.

The two tests went very well. Magnus placed 5th and 6th and Lauren was very proud that Magnus won the Judges choice award. "Aw look at him!" and "Cute" we're the start of most conversations with Lauren for the day when with Magnus all plaited up for the first time. It takes a mob to train a horse and I thank all our friends who get behind us and give Magnus all the love he deserves when they see him. He grows in confidence in himself and humans all the time because of this. Check our Facebook page for heaps of photos!


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