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Pauly and Magnus - Week 3

Mustering Magnus! It has been great week for Magnus, genuinely earning his keep mustering cattle in outback South Australia on a station just out of Marree. We arrived out on camp Tuesday night in the dark after a 10 hour float trip to get there and he was then spelled in the cattle yards. 

Magnus had the next day off and was given the time to absorb his new surroundings and the energy that they came with them. We were way out from the yards all on bikes mustering the cattle in closer and leaving them in a bronco yard overnight. 

I started the next day on a bike mustering into the main mob being walked by horses. When we were closer to the yards I rode in and saddled up the Mighty Magnus! After a few km’s of trotting and cantering out to the mob, Magnus was quickly exposed to the whole deal. There to meet him were over a thousand head of cattle, ringers on horses pushing cattle up, motorbikes, Toyotas and a Polaris buggy. He was put straight onto his job of keeping cattle together and walking them along to get them into the yards. There were bikes coming around bushes, whips cracking right next to him, Toyotas beeping, and my UHF going off in my pocket. He expressed that he was unsure with a few ‘sideways runs’ and a few ‘jumps forward’ but Magnus caught on quickly that we were all working on the same job and that all the energy and noise was not about him and that no one was after him. Magnus had a win chasing (although slowly) some cheeky cattle back to the mob that had cut back behind. We all yarded up into the cooler with ease and Magnus had a bit of fun poked at him by the ringers about his size! It was all in respect though, as with true Aussie form - no one gets the mickey taken out them unless they are liked!

Over the week Magnus had exposure to a range of jobs involving: Yarding up before sunlight, more short stints of mustering, loading in and out of the trailer and tailing new Bulls out. Magnus is telling me that he's getting tired and I'm glad he's able to be turned out into a big paddock here to rest in between work, with the best feed to offer any horse.

Magnus is muscling up a bit and I'm hoping to give him a quiet week next week for him to put to energy into growing and getting stronger and fitter.

This week ends with me unable to be any more proud of this little fella. Although sometimes he does it a bit tough and has to dig deep to work with myself and other horses getting a job done, I can see how much the experience is boosting his self-worth with his new identity as a riding horse/works horse. I am constantly talking to him and telling him how good of a job he is doing and how proud of him I am. He knows this week he achieved big things and real goals on a real job resulting in our bond becoming stronger for it.

I didn't get many pictures this week sorry, as we have been on the job all week, but for more pics, check our Facebook page, Daniel-Tessari Horse Reflections, or Instagram dthr_horsetraining.

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